Vacuum Chamber Camera


Crystalspace Vacuum Chamber Camera (VCC) is designed for monitoring vacuum chamber processes from the inside. The fully immersible VCC is based on the nanosatellite camera systems and thus inherits space rigidness. The VCC is developed in cooperation with ESA.

The VCC combines best of the space technology and modern day easy to use industrial applications requirements.


  • Fully immersible, meant for usage inside of the vacuum chamber 
  • Ultra-high vacuum (UHV) ready
  • Working distance: 100mm to inf.
  • Interfaces:  
    • USB 2.0 HS (UVC & USB CDC) 
    • Gigabit Ethernet (Coming soon) 
  • Operational temperature range (-40 … 80 °C) 
    • Extended temperature range on request 
  • Camera control software 
  • System is based on the CrystalSpace flight-proven space camera  
  • Dimensions: 34 x 64 x 90 mm
  • Head dissipative mechanical connector
  • Illumination unit

Available sensors & data rates

  • 5MP at 15 fps
  • Colored or monochrome (visual spectrum)
  • Controllable resolution and data rate
  • 12MP (Coming soon)
  • Custom sensors on request


  • Fixed-focus lens
  • Multiple FoV options from 20-135 degrees
  • Other options available on request

To get more information please contact us info@crystalspace.eu


CrystalSpace has taken a step forward in cooperation with ESA BIC Estonia and brought space technology down back to Earth. CrystalSpace has developed miniature portable vacuum chamber camera that is easy to set up and operate. We take away the pain from vacuum chambers operators helping them to monitor processes with an ease as never experienced before!

The new miniature portable vacuum chamber camera designs are based on the successful CrystalSpace CAM1U

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