Cubesat components

We offer several products – parts for satellites and support systems.

Crystalspace CAM1U

Crystalspace micro camera family is the smallest and the most advanced series of satellite camera systems on the market. It suits well for densely packed satellites starting from CubeSats (for taking pictures of the Earth) to large satellites (monitoring cameras). Under 600 meters per pixel ground resolution is achieved from low Earth orbit (600 km) using the basic version of optics (44 x 34 degree field of view) and sensor (640 x 480 pixels).

Subsystems that we have developed and sold in the past and currently provide consultancy on:

Crystalspace P1U ”Vasik” power supply (currently not available) 

P1U "Vasik" power supply

P1U “Vasik” power supply

Crystalspace P1U power supply is the smallest and most advanced power supply in the market. It suits well for densely packed 1 and 2 unit CubeSats. It uses fast maximum power point tracking boost converters to charge integrated doubled battery pack. Battery output is fed through duplicated converters that can provide 3.3 V, 5 V, 12 V. Unregulated 3.7 V battery and regulated buses are available through individually selectable current limited and latch-up protected switches. Pinouts,output voltages and channels are changeable to user needs. Each sold unit has gone through acceptance testing.

Crystalspace PL1 piezoelectric motor driver for CubeSat (currently not available)

Piezoelectric motor driver for CubeSat.

Piezoelectric motor driver for CubeSat.

We have designed small and energy efficient piezoelectric motor driver for CubeSats. Piezoelectric motors are laboratory grade non-magnetic motors that use piezoelectric effect to convert energy to power. They are advantageous because they don’t have any magnetic components and can produce very precise movement (with feedback up to µ° resolution).  The driver itself uses only 1,3 W to drive precise Attocube Systems ANR101 motor.

Crystalspace AD1U attitude control and determination system (currently not available)

Attitude determination and control system for CubeSats is under development.  The system will be the smallest and most redundant system on the market. You can use simple commands to make the system do difficult tasks. There are ready made algorithms for stabilization, pointing and spinning. System contains multiple sensors such as:  sun sensors, gyroscopic sensors, magnetometers and accelerometers.  For three dimensional attitude control magnetic and other actuators can be used.

AD1U Specification sheet as PDF.

Crystalspace S1U sun sensor (currently not available)

Crystalspace nanosatellite sun sensor

Crystalspace nanosatellite sun sensor

Sun sensor measures sun angle to satellite. Our sun sensor is the lightest, smallest and most energy efficient sensor on the market. Sensor provides at least ±1 degree precision in whole field of view. Our sun sensor has ±45 degrees field of view in two axis, using six sensors it is possible to track sun movement around whole satellite. Sensor is fully self-contained and does not expose any sensitive analog signals for simplicity and reliability. It uses standard SPI interface for communication.

S1U Specification sheet as PDF.

Crystalspace R1U reaction wheels (currently not available)

Reaction wheels provide torque to satellite to allow spin-up, detumbling and pointing. Our reaction wheel system is small enough to fit into 1U CubeSats, nevertheless it provides enough torque for 1U to 12U satellites. System is mechanically and electrically redundant. It stays fully functional even after failure of one wheel.

Crystalspace C1U communication system (currently not available)

Crystalspace C1U communication system will be the smallest half duplex communication system available. Operating in the popular 70 cm (430 MHz) amateur band and offering up to 30 dBm (1 W) output power. Advanced amplifiers will offer very low receive power and high transmit efficiency (up to 65 %). Microcontroller allows changeable transmit baud rates and data buffering. Small size allows to integrate the system with other subsystems or have two complete systems on the same card for added redundancy.

C1U Specification sheet as PDF.

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