Illumination module “Tulivagla”


Crystalspace illumination module Tulivagla CS-301

Crystalspace Illumination Module “Tulivagla” (CS-301) is designed for spacecrafts – from satellites to landers and rovers. It is perfect for complementing camera systems to still be able to see in no-to-low light conditions. The Tulivagla module is developed in cooperation with ESA.


  • Constantly ON duty cycles:
    • Input power: 3W: 175mA @ 16.5V
      • Optical output: 2.3W
      • Heat dissipation: 1W
    • Input power: <5.1W: 300mA @ 17V
      • Optical output: <3.5W
      • Heat dissipation: <1.6W
  • Pulsed duty cycles can produce up to 10W optical output
  • Illumination angle: 120°
  • Spectral range: 5700K white spectrum
  • Command interface: Controlled by current input through Micro D9 port
  • Debug port: temp, voltage and current measurements
  • Mass: <108g
  • Dimensions: 75 x 60 x 18 mm
  • Radiation rating: >300 kRad

Off-the-shelf module specification is described in this block. Nevertheless there is always room for customization.

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