Crystalspace focuses on designing complex nano satellites


We develop, design and produce nanosatellites (satellites under 50kg)

Satellites subsystems

Crystalspace is the first company to develop and produce second generation CubeSat subsystems


Experts from Crystalspace are happy to consult you with your projects


Taking nano satellites to next generation since 2013

Crystalspace is a company that develops and produces nanosatellite components. Crystalspace has wide variety of products such as the first second-generation electrical power system and other CubeSats core subsystems. Besides ready-made CubeSat parts we also develop satellite components and payloads. We also offer consultation and support for satellite development. Have any questions? Contact at


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Pätris Halapuu

Founder (Software engineer)
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Jaan Viru

Founder (Electronics and software engineer)

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